mpi 3.jpgMagnetic Particle Inspection (MPI):

MPI reveals discontinuities on or near the surface of ferromagnetic materials. A magnetic field is established on the surface/near surface of a part and the magnetic flux is observed for any interruptions. Interruptions can be due to the structural or magnetic nature of the part and must be carefully considered when interpreting and evaluating discontinuities. Inspections on structural welding, padeyes, drill tools, castings, forgings, and welding of new and existing structures assures soundness of materials and workmanship.

Field personnel are trained to ASNT requirements and are experienced Level II (SNT-TC-1A) Inspectors. We have a full complement of Magnetic Particle inspection equipment consisting of portable equipment including Electromagnetic AC/DC Yokes, Permanent Magnetic Yokes and DC Battery operated packs. TISL also operates with Coils, EMI and CD units especially in the area of drill pipe inspections.

Consumables that are required for completion of inspection are manufactured to Industry Standards and are chosen based on the application required. 

Magnetic Particle Inspection is a method which allows the client a speedier and prompt inspection obtaining test results in a shorter time frame when compared with other NDE methods. This is due to the fact that inputs are readily available and the inspection of items is more direct

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