rt 1.jpgRadiography (RT):

Industrial Radiography is an NDE Technique which records the transmitted energy emerging from a material using film, digital or other recording/viewing media. The emergent energy depends upon the principle of differential absorption along with thickness and density of the material. The image quality recorded depends on the media type and media quality. Our overall objective is to produce a quality image for viewing and interpretation so that a proper assessment of the test subject is made.

Our Radiographic Department at TISL consist of competent teams (typically 2 or 3 man crews) with ability to conduct X - and Gamma Ray Exposures for both Film and Digital Radiography. Our Teams have been exposed to technical and safety training to meet or exceed ASNT requirements both in the classroom as well as in the field acquiring many years of valuable experience.

TISL has multiple Sets of equipment and crews which allows for efficient scheduling and prompt service regardless of location. TISL crews are well adapted, whether we are working in a Plant environment, on Offshore Platforms, or using our Crawler on a pipeline. All film/digital plates are immediately processed at either at our permanent labs at both Marabella and Galeota locations using automatic film processors along with digital processing. This level of Quality is transferred to our site locations via Mobile Darkrooms.