au 2.jpgAirborne Ultrasonics:

Airborne ultrasound technology provides solutions for locating a variety of potential problems. The three main areas are leak detection, mechanical inspection/trending and electrical inspection.

Instruments based on airborne ultrasound sense high  frequency  sounds produced by leaks, electrical emissions and mechanical operations. They translate these  sounds  down  into  the  audible  range  by  an  au 1.jpgelectronic process  called  heterodyning  where  they  are   heard through   headphones and  observed  as  intensity  increments,  typically  decibels,  on  a  display  panel.

Since ultrasound is composed of high frequencies that are not heard by the human ear, the heterodyning process allows users of airborne ultrasound instruments to “hear” an accurate translation of these sounds helping them identify subtle changes in operating equipment that might normally be overlooked, providing early warning capabilities.



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