Proof Testing / Lifting Appliance Inspection:

  • Qualified & Certified Technicians:

TIS NSL trained Lifting Equipment inspectors have many years of industrial experience on various offshore and inland installations. Our understanding of BS and ASME standards and other current reference manuals set our Inspectors/ Technicians apart. In addition, they are ASNT Level II certified which enable us to perform weld and material inspections where applicable and recognize problems with fabricated steel lifting fixtures.


  •  Qualified & Certified Rigging Inspectors:

TIS Rigging Inspectors are certified and qualified by third party certification and experience. They possess a full understanding/knowledge of BS and ASME current industry standards, manufacturer’s recommendations, and client’s policies through training. Our employees are ASNT Level II certified inspectors.


  • Lifting Devices & Lifted Equipment:

TIS Services inspects and tests Material Baskets, Equipment Skids, Personnel Baskets, Forklifts, Aerial Lifts, and other miscellaneous lifting equipment. DNV, BS, ASME B30.20 Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices defines the inspection, testing, and removal from service criteria. Our inspectors inspect and proof test lifting devices / appliances in accordance to all above standards.


  • Lifting Equipment Inspection:

TIS provides services to assist you with the setting up of inspection and testing programs. Our inspectors have a minimum of 10 years’ experience, with full understanding/knowledge to BS, ASME, current industry standards, and manufacturer’s recommendations.


Lifting  Accessories

1)           Wire Rope Slings – BS EN 13414/1-3

2)           Forged Shackles – BS EN 13889

3)           Eyebolts – BS 4278

4)           Chain Slings – BS EN 818-1

5)           Polyester Slings – BS EN 1492


Lifting Appliances

1)       Fabricated Padeyes and Clamps – BS EN 13001

2)       Electric Overhead Monorails – ASME B30.11

3)       Manual Chain Hoist –  BS EN 13

4)       Lever Hoists – BS EN 13157

5)       Sheave Blocks – BS EN 13157



Hoist and Crane inspections and testing are performed in accordance with applicable ASME B30, API, BS 7121, SNT- TC-1A, current industry standards, manufacturers recommendations and where applicable in country legislation. A thorough visual examination is critical and required on all hoists and cranes with specific frequencies.



TIS Inspectors have industry leading experience and training. Slings and loose lifting gear are often overlooked and should be maintained with a regular bi-annual inspection program (in-use colour coding) to assure compliance. Proof testing of slings and loose lifting gear is also a very common and recommended best practice. We can in some circumstances proof test your equipment onsite to minimize your down time.


  • Padeyes Proof Testing

Our PT 12 Padeye Tester from Green Monster Offshore is GMO’s innovative, in-house developed Padeye testers; provide unrivalled flexibility and ease of use. No other offers such a versatile type of Padeye tester with pulling capacities ranging from as low as 100lbs to a max pulling force of 12 tonnes. The proof load is achieved by using an Enerpac hydraulic hand pump with forces verified in KN using a calibrated gauge.


  • Water Weights Proof Testing Load Bags

Water Weights’ water filled proof load bags is a unique, safe and simple product specifically designed to provide a test load instead of traditional solid test weights. The use of Water Weights equipment for load testing cranes, davits, derricks, winches or any item of lifting equipment is recognised worldwide as the most safe, efficient and cost effective system of load application.

Water Weights’ bags weigh less than 2% of achievable load allowing for considerable savings in transport, storage and labour costs. Water Weights has a physically proven factor for safety in excess of 6:1 and is proof load tested to over 2:1 prior to being put into service.

TIS  have  extensive   expertise   and   experience in the  field  of  load  and  strain  measurement. A comprehensive range  of wireless  Load  Cells is available to suit all applications, capacities measuring up to 100 Tonne


  • Pull Cylinders

Wherever tension is needed, this Enerpac Pull Jack can exert forces to retract up to 35 Tonne. Force is measured using calibrated gauge.


  • Flat Jac Cylinders

Enerpac Flat Jac Cylinders’ compact, flat design is suitable for confined spaces and can be used where other cylinders cannot fit. It can exert forces up to 200 tonnes.