qaqc 1.jpgQuality Assurance/Quality Control Services:

Quality assurance is an essential component of any project. T.I.S. can offer assistance in pinpointing the specific requirements your organization must meet to achieve your quality goals as it relates to NDE, quality control and heat treatment. TISL provides a comprehensive range of quality control services utilizing the most modern equipment available today. Experienced technicians, trained to recognize standards such as ASNT, AWS, API, and NACE have served many local and multi- national companies throughout our region in plant construction and turn- around. We can develop detailed procedures to implement and carry out the guidelines of your QC program.


wt 1.jpgWelder Testing/Qualification and Procedure Qualification:

Our AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI’s) can develop inspection and welding procedures, as well as qualify welders and welding procedures. Our API-510(Pressure Vessel), API-570(Piping), API- 653(Tank) and AWS certified inspectors can also offer professional NDE and inspection consultancy for your field engineers and supervisors.


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Project Management Services:

TISL provides project management expertise and support personnel in program/project risk management, project controls, risk-based schedule analysis, decision analysis, supplier management, technology readiness level assessment, process analysis, and cost estimating and uncertainty analysis that enables our clients to reduce their overall risk profile. TISL offers the unique capability of risk-based program/project management, spanning technical, schedule, and cost management to adapt a holistic view towards program/project success.

Our project management services assist clients in assessing multiple technical options based on technical, schedule, and cost parameters. Depending on several factors, such as project size, complexity, company priority, and risk, TISL implements a graded approach to project management services that helps tailor the management effort required on any project to fit each client’s specific needs.